I bought legal pot in Colorado today!

As reported by Daily KOS

At was a joyous day today in Colorado, and I was not going to miss out, so I planned to spend my day legally buying cannabis. Freedom is as freedom does.

I went to bed early last night, and early this morning I took the bus down to Denver and arrived at the LoDo Wellness Center at 8AM, right as they opened. In the line outside, everyone was in a great mood, and I received a ticket showing that I was 104th in line.

After 90 minutes, I had gotten inside, but then it was another 90 minutes before getting to actually make a purchase. They were restricting folks to a quarter ounce maximum in order to make sure they didn’t run out of product, but I was able to get an 8th of Hashplant and another 8th of Bruce Banner, and an edible candy and tincture infused with cannabis.

Sure, it took 3 hours, but it was a ton of fun, and even with a grand total of 29% in taxes, still comparable to street prices.

And while I was waiting, a friend of mine drove around and found that Denco was the one place that wasn’t super busy, and only waited 10 minutes to purchase some bud for himself. Later, I went there and also scored in only 10 minutes. All too easy.

In the afternoon, we drove around to some other places, but they all had long lines out the door. Apparently legal weed is popular.

I couldn’t find any news stories of anything bad happening as a result. Colorado in 2014 has officially entered the era of Reefer Sanity.

Sure, America has been losing ground in the class war for my entire life, but legal weed and gay marriage show that at least we’re progressing in a few ways.