Welcome to Lodo Wellness Center!
We are a women owned and operated Medical and Recreational dispensary
located in downtown Denver off the 16th Street Mall. 

Where are you located?
Our address is
1617 Wazee St. Suite B
Denver, CO. 80202
Our entrance is located just off the 16th Street Mall on Wazee street between Yampa Sandwich Co. and 5th Avenue Nail Salon.
What are your hours?

We’re open 10am – 7pm every day!

Do you have a restroom?

We do! It is upstairs and accessible through Yampa Sandwich Co.

Do you have an elevator?

We do! To request an elevator, ring the doorbell at the entrance and someone will come to assist you. You can also call us at 303-534-5020 to let us know. You will be expected to wear a visitor pass while you are accessing the elevator area.

Where can I view your Social Impact Statement?

You can view our Social Impact Statement here.

Can I order online? Do you deliver?

Adults 21 and older can place an order or view our menu online ahead of their visit. All online orders are for in-store pick-up only. We do not currently offer delivery services.

Can I travel out of Colroado with the items I purchase?

No. It is illegal to take cannabis products outside of Colorado state borders. Penalties for violating marijuana laws range from a fine to a possible jail or prison sentence. Colorado State Statutes and Denver Revised Municipal Code spell out the specific penalties for various violations. Schools, universities and employers are allowed to put in place their own disciplinary actions for marijuana-related infractions.

Can I take pictures of your store?

We allow photography of our store under the condition that no employee or customer outside of your party is photographed. We thank you for your consideration.