Harmony Extracts Live Badder | 1 Gram

1 gram of Live Badder

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Our waxes are made to perform. We start with high-THC plant strains, extract all the goodness nature has to offer, and whip in some O2 to create the perfect consistency. Depending on the source material, the end product can either be a more dry crumbly wax, or a soft thick budder. Waxes and budders are known for their great flavor and aroma, along with being very user-friendly.

We use a proprietary blend of hydrocarbons and incredibly precise temperature controls to extract the most brilliant expression of each strain’s unique cannabinoid, terpene, and color profile. All of our products are single-sourced from our own garden or hand picked from our contract growers, providing a consistently pure experience.

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Island Sweet Skunk (Sativa), Clementine Frosting (Sativa), Jai Alai (Indica), White Walker (Indica)