CODA Chocolate Bars


Chocolate bars available in

*100mg THC with 10 chocolate squares of 10mg THC per serving


*100mg THC and 100mg CBD with 20 chocolate squares of 5mg THC/5mg CBD per serving (available in Cream & Crumble, and Coffee & Donuts)

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It begins simply with the highest quality ingredients. Each piece of Coda Signature chocolate starts with ethically sourced cacao. The cacao beans in each of our chocolates can be traced to specific regions of South America. Each of our chocolate varieties brings its own flavor and character – reflecting individual regions’ climate, traditions and environment

Using whole spices and the freshest ingredients, CODA imparts deep and intense flavors that blend perfectly with their signature cannabis oil.

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Caramel & Corn, Cream & Crumble, Fire & Orange, Salt & Nibs, Coffee & Doughnuts, Maple & Pecan, Snap & Spice, Toffee & Sea Salt


THC, CBD 1:1