500 mg | Green Dot Labs Live Rosin Cartridge


.5g live rosin cartridge

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Solventless Live Rosin 500mg, 510 thread vape cartridges

Made from the purest live cannabis rosin, Green Dot Labs live rosin cartridges deliver the true entourage effect and authentic high. We start with whole flower, flash frozen at harvest to preserve the trichomes, hand-crafted into hash using the artisan process of ice water extraction and naturally cured into a full-spectrum, pure live rosin hash oil rich in cannabinoids and terpenes.

Each live rosin cartridge contains 500mg of full-spectrum, strain-specific, solventless live rosin hash oil. Unlike traditional distillate carts, you can expect more flavor and aroma from a higher concentration of natural cannabinoids and terpenes with every hit. Budtenders #1 Choice!