Äkta Cold Cure Live Rosin

Cold Cured Live Rosin made from Hava Gardens’ organically-fed, Living Soil Cannabis.

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At Äkta, hash-making is equal parts art, craft, and science. Our take on harvesting the cannabis plant’s resin glands (trichomes) honors the simple yet effective concepts of the centuries-old profession of the Hashishin while taking strides towards the future using modern day techniques and equipment to create the new generation of solventless based products. No chemicals, no additives, only pure cannabis resin made by hand. Using only water, ice, heat and pressure, we are able to separate, collect and refine the cannabis plant’s trichomes. This leaves us with a mass of trichomes known as hash.

In order to ensure the upmost purity, we rely on immaculate attention to detail, cleanliness and a passionate team that strives to make the best solventless concentrates on the market. We also depend on sourcing the cleanest, high-quality cannabis starting material. It all begins with the growers, and we are proud to work with our in-house sister company, Hava Gardens, to bring you solventless concentrates made from all organically-fed, flash-frozen cannabis grown in living-soil with the help of the sun. Their top quality genetics and clean growing practices lead to exceptional resin production and free of any toxic compounds or harsh flavors found when using synthetic nutrients and pesticides.

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Indica: Glueberries, Hybrid: Blackberry Pie, Indica: Glueberries, Indica: Jam Band, Hybrid: Berry Ambrosia, Hybrid: Animal Mints