1000 mg | AiroPro Live Flower Pod


High potency premium cannabis oil is mixed with unique, steam distilled, right-off-the-plant terpenes that are blended to get the truest and highest concentrated form. The “live” refers to strain-specific live terpenes that are used to flavor the distillate.

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Airo’s Live Flower Series captures the essence of premium fresh flower. These exotic strains are meticulously cultivated by boutique growers & then steam extracted directly after harvest to capture an authentic full-spectrum terpene profile. Authentic fresh flower taste, purified cannabis oil from premium fresh flower, long-lasting, euphoric entourage effect, intense full-spectrum terpene profile exclusive portfolio of exotic strains & single-source cannabis-derived terpenes.

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Amnesia (Sativa), Grape Pie (Indica), Guava Jam (Hybrid), Platinum Glue (Indica), Starry Night (Indica), Lemon Jack (Sativa), Rainbow Road (Sativa), Black Mamba (Sativa), Berry Bliss (Indica), Strawberry Cheesecake (Indica), Sweet Dream (Hybrid), Skywalker OG (Indica), MAC (Hybrid), Raspberry Parfait (Sativa)