5 mg Single Serve | 1906 Bliss Peanut Butter Cup

1 low dose 1:1 CBD:THC chocolate peanut butter cups

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Single: 5mg CBD : 5mg THC

Bliss is perfect for anytime you want to redecorate your head. It’s a great antidote for social anxiety, lack of motivation, depressive funks, rainy days, or tax season dread. It’s a fun addition to a sunny day where the sky is the limit and is a great way to spark a spontaneous party, even if that party is in your own closet. Bliss is very, very delicious (we took months to perfect the peanut butter, because we have superhuman Bliss-fueled patience), so you may feel the urge to eat a lot of them. But remember that less is more. Within about 20 minutes of taking Bliss, you will feel a mood lift and a pleasant swell of chatty, positive energy. The rest is up to you.